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What is a Slab Leak?

When it comes to home issues, a slab leak might be one of the worst things that can happen. And for homeowners who do not know what a slab leak is or how to discover if they have one, it’s all the scarier. What You Need to Know About Slab …...
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Phoenix Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Checklist

While mankind has been reaping the health benefits of plumbing since Roman times, modern plumbing advances make the entire system seem like a set-and-forget convenience. But the truth is that smart homeowners will take steps to maintain the…...
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Why the Holidays Mean Good Business for Phoenix Plumbers

When most people think about the holidays, they think of family and friends, getting and giving gifts, and vacation. Plumbing is most likely the furthest thing from their mind. Rightfully so, as there is enough to worry about during the hol…...
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Tips on How to Unclog Drains

Did you know that up until very recently, people in Taiwan would enter the restroom, attend to their ummm … business and then -- rather than flushing it -- throw their toilet paper into a small waste basket found next to essentially every t…...
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5 Reasons to Buy a New Water Heater

If you are a longtime homeowner, a continually growing "to-do" list is nothing new. And with the long list of obligations and responsibilities that come with owning a house, water heaters are easily overlooked -- tucked into a corner (proba…...
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