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How to Change Freon in Your Air Conditioning Unit

A working air conditioning unit is the greatest luxury you can have during the hottest months of the year. Unfortunately, air conditioners aren't perfect and they are prone to having the same kind of problems as any other mechanical product…...
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Prepping Your House for Maximum Air Conditioning Efficiency

If you've ever experienced a Phoenix summer, you know that getting inside will only do so much. For any real respite from the heat, you'll need a solid and reliable air conditioning system. Unfortunately, even the best systems can only do s…...
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How to Keep Your House Cool During a Power Outage

There's no denying that the heat in Phoenix is intense. What most people from outside the area don't realize, though, is that the heat can wreak havoc on the power grid. The issue isn't just that the extreme heat - which regularly makes it …...
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Tips to Help Your Air Conditioning Unit Survive the Phoenix Summer

The Phoenix summer is no joke when it comes to heat. While everyone will tell you that the heat is better because it's dry, the truth is that it's uncomfortable and the only real way to deal with it is by having a good air conditioner in yo…...
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Why Do I Keep Having to Reset My Electric Water Heater

Why Do I Keep Having to Reset My Electric Water Heater There are certain things in your home that ought to just work. While there are some systems that you might expect to be touchy, others need to be in good working order around the clock…...
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