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Clogged Sink? Check the P Trap

Picture this: You are standing in front of your bathroom sink on a hectic Monday morning, trying your best to get ready and out the door as quickly as possible. And then, it happens. As you are going about your business brushing your teeth,…...
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Ideas to Repurpose an Old Water Heater

If you live long enough in your home, chances are your water heater will probably need to be replaced at some point. They do, after all, only have a typical lifespan of around 10 years. While we can definitely help extend the life of your e…...
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How To Fix A Leaky Faucet Like A Pro

Leaky faucets are not just a major annoyance. They can cost you tons of money over time because of wasted water. Read on to figure out how you can complete this simple repair yourself! Fix a Leaky Faucet While a reputable plumbing company…...
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Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit in Phoenix

Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit in Phoenix A home energy audit can be the first step in ensuring your home is working as efficiently as possible. A professional auditor will assess everything from your appliances to your ductwork to you…...
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How Plumbers Fix Tree Root Damage to Pipes

How Plumbers Fix Tree Root Damage to Pipes Tree roots can cause significant damage to your plumbing system. Knowing the warning signs of tree root damage can help you address issues early. Better yet, learning how tree roots damage pipes a…...
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