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Home Heating Systems That Will Save You Money

Winter is coming and that dusty old heater is costing you money. Whether you live in the American southwest and think you turn your heater on a little or live in the cool Northeast and know you turn in on a lot, chances are that your heatin…...
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Water Saving Shower Heads: Save on Water and Energy Costs

Everyone likes to keep their hard-earned money in their pocket. What better way than to invest in something you daily. These inexpensive shower heads can save you hundreds of dollars yearly. But before you buy, check out our top five picks …...
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Surprising University of Phoenix Stadium Air Conditioning Facts

Have you ever heard of the Seven Wonders of Arizona? Well, neither have we. But we do know that you shouldn’t leave Arizona without at least driving past the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. The impressive barre…...
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Energy Saving Tips for Summer and Winter

For us Arizona dwellers, we have come to the conclusion that there are only two distinguishable seasons in the Valley - summer and winter. The fall and spring seasons are mild enough that they often pass by without us noticing; a chill in t…...
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Is Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air? AC Troubleshooting Guide

  It’s hot out. The summer months in Arizona bring record temperatures, which means that having an AC system that works properly is key to surviving the heat. Things can go wrong though, causing your AC to not blow cold air or to stop work…...
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