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Take Care of Your HVAC Unit to Lower Your Energy Bill

Your heating and air conditioning unit can be the most powerful tool in your home when it comes to lowering your energy bill. At Donley Service Center, we’ve been serving the Valley’s HVAC service needs for nearly four decades. We’ve come u…...
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How to Conserve Energy at Home While Staying Warm

When it comes to keeping your home warm without breaking the bank on your energy bills, there’s a fine balance. However, you can conserve energy at home without spending the winter months shivering. At Donley Service Center, we handle the h…...
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Choose a Residential and Commercial Water Heater

One of the most important aspects of buying a new water heater is determining what type will work for your home or business. At Donley Service Center, we install both residential and commercial water heaters for our customers. We’ve come u…...
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Drain Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Just about every drain in your home is going to get clogged periodically. The choice you have to make is how to go about fixing the problem. Sometimes, drain cleaning is easy enough to take care of on your own. Other times, you might just b…...
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Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Issues

Kitchen sink plumbing issues tend to happen with a certain degree of regularity. It makes sense when you think about the work you put that sink through on a daily basis. You’re rinsing off plates, running the garbage disposal, washing your …...
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