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AC Troubleshooting Tips: When Your Air Conditioner Makes Noise

AC Troubleshooting Tips: When Your Air Conditioner Makes Noise If your air conditioner makes noise, it could be a sign of some big trouble ahead. In fact, modern air conditioners are quieter than ever, meaning that you should be especially…...
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Summer Fun Checklist

With temperatures outside reaching over 100 degrees on a regular basis, it's easy to fall into the habit of staying indoors in the comfort of your own home with the A/C on full blast. However, that can quickly get old and cumbersome, especi…...
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Salt Water Softeners Vs Saltless Water Softeners

There are many benefits to living in the Valley of the Sun. We have great culture and sports activities within the cities, a myriad of options for outdoor fun, and MOST of the year we have fantastic weather, etc. However, in many areas of t…...
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Tips to Avoid a Clogged Bathroom Sink from Shaving

Whether you enjoy a full beard or a clean-shaven face, you have likely become well acquainted with man’s decades-long struggle to avoid a clogged bathroom sink as a result of shaving. Over time, this common nuisance can cause serious damage…...
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How to Cool a Room Without Air Conditioning

Whether your air conditioning is on the fritz and you are waiting on the AC repair or you are looking for ways to cut down on its usage this summer to promote energy efficiency and reduce utility bills, one of the questions we are most freq…...
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