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How To Choose an Air Conditioner Repair Company

Nov 15, 2016

The air conditioning industry is flooded with business, especially in Arizona. So how do you know who to hire? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of things you can look for before hiring an HVAC company.

Choosing an Air Conditioner Repair Company


1. Look for Reviews and Testimonials

What do previous customers have to say about the service they received? Think about yourself for a second. If you enjoyed a certain restaurant or received fantastic service somewhere, you can’t help but tell your friends. The same is true in the air conditioning industry. A good company will have reviews on a few sites, a great company will have testimonials on their own site as well as third-party websites. If you can’t find anything from previous customers it could mean one of two things: 1) the company is new and doesn’t yet have testimonials or 2) the company doesn’t do a great job so clients aren’t sharing their positive experiences. It can be hard to tell which category a company may fall into, which is why we suggest seeking out those reviews. We would also like to mention Donley Service Center has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.   

2. Beware of “Low” Prices

We understand that you want to pay the lowest price you can when it comes to, well, everything. But beware of bottom feeders that offer low service rates, yet charge an arm and a leg for repair costs. They might say they will come out to inspect your HVAC for $29.99 or even for free, but they have to make up the cost elsewhere. That’s when you get slammed with high repair costs, which most people end up paying because the technician is already at their house. And let’s face it, you’ll probably pay the guy that’s already there rather than calling in a second opinion when it’s 110 degrees outside. Just operate by the rule that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.


Likewise, companies that charge extremely low prices can’t afford to pay their employees a good salary. Companies that pay competitively, however, are attracting the best air conditioning repairmen and women. That means you’re getting the most qualified technicians working on your unit, which, in the long run, will cost you less because your repair will have been completed with excellence the first time you called.


3. Who’s showing up to your house?

You want a company that is going fix your air conditioning with care and precision. When you don’t know much about air conditioning, it’s hard to tell if you’re getting quality service. One small insight is to look at the quality of the company’s vehicles. If they take care of their trucks and vans, chances are they will show the same care when servicing your AC unit.  A dirty, dented van, on the other hand, can be an indication of sloppy service - not what you want when you’re paying for a repair.

4. Neat, Clean, and Professional



Very often air conditioning technicians visit the homes of stay at home moms with children. If this is the case, you’ll want a neat, clean, and professional man or women entering your home. If this isn’t the case, you still want someone showing up that looks like he was ready to come to work that day. You don’t want a guy that looks like he’s allergic to showering. Our technicians understand that part of gaining the client’s trust is showing up looking respectable. That’s why you can expect clean, tidy, uniformed employees who are ready to give you great service.

5. Standardized Pricing

Will the company guarantee a price before beginning the work? What we mean is this: does the air conditioning company charge standard rates for their work or do they change the prices depending on the area of town you live in? If you live in the ritzy part of town, you don’t want to fall prey to contractors assuming you can pay more. Likewise, if you live in elsewhere in town, you don’t want the “lower end” technician who isn’t as qualified at repairing your unit. Look for a company that has standard pricing and employees high caliber people.

6. Warranties

Your air conditioning company should offer some type of warranty on their work. Air conditioning work is done by hand, and as such, is occasionally susceptible to human error. If the company isn’t willing to stand behind their work, you don’t want them working for you.

7. Continued Training

Just like any industry, air conditioning technology is always changing. Look for a company that offers continued training to the technicians. That way you can be confident that they can fix your unit whether it’s 2 years old or 20 years old.


8. Awards

Has the company you’re considering won any awards for their service? A company that is at the top of the industry will have awards and accolades denoting their success.


At Donley Service Center, we continually strive to be leaders in business and the community by delivering quality service to our customers with the highest level of integrity. In a goal-oriented work environment, we will develop career opportunities and reward outstanding performance. Donley Service Center will grow profitably, investing in our employees, community, and future. If you’re looking for an air conditioning company that treats it’s customers right, it’s employees right, and it’s community right, look no further than Donley Service Center.