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Aug 31, 2015


“Hard water” is categorized by high levels of hard minerals like calcium and magnesium. Groundwater collects these minerals from the soil, and cause atypical reactions with common household products and Arizona is known for having hard water.While some industries value the degree of hardness in their water, homeowners are better off eliminating these hard minerals because they can make water soap resistant, cause a build up of lime scale which could clog drain pipes, and damage household appliances. The most cost-effective way to turn “hard water” into viable “soft water” for your home is through the use of a water softener. 


What a water softener does is remove magnesium, calcium, iron and other metals from the water supply that cause these negative effects. It collects these hard minerals in a conditioning tank and will automatically flush them out of the system. If the water has been properly conditioned and the hardness has been reduced to 1 grain per gallon or less, the supply is considered “soft” and less susceptible to the adverse side effects caused by hard contaminants.


Not only are the cost-savings of water softeners far greater than alternative solutions to hard water issues, they also have practical benefits:

  • Eliminate scale build up that clogs drains
  • Avoid hair and skin irritation caused by hard water
  • Prevent water spots on shower doors, dishes, and glassware
  • Help household appliances like dishwashers run more efficiently
  • Stop the build up of soap and detergent scum
  • Extend the life of clothes and fabrics


Donley Service Center has been your Valley-wide water softener service experts for 38 years. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about your home’s water softener, and can provide fast, reliable installation, repair or maintenance. Visit our website or give us a call at 602-395-6034 to find out how we can be of assistance!