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The Basics of Hot Water Heater Repair

Aug 06, 2015

Like any other appliance in your home, the hot water heater is sure to break down over time and require repairs. When it does happen, you’ll have to decide whether hot water heater repair is the right choice, or if you’d be better off getting it replaced.

If your heater is more than eight years old, having it replaced is probably the better bet. Once the unit gets up there in years, you could be looking at one hot water heater repair after another. By the time you’ve gone through two or three repairs, you’ll have spent more money on fixing your tired old unit than you would have on replacement.

On the other hand, if your hot water heater is relatively new or still under warranty, it’s a better idea to have it repaired.  If the part that malfunctions is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll only have to pay the labor costs.

Is Hot Water Heater Repair Even an Option?

While most of the working parts on today’s hot water heaters can be repaired or replaced, there are times when replacement is the only option. For instance, if hot water heater problems develop because of a leak in a corroding tank, there’s no option but to replace it.

A Helpful Hint: If you want to keep the tank from corroding, be sure to flush it once a year. This will remove sediment that aids in corrosion. Your heater will also run more efficiently.

Is Water Heater Repair Worth the Investment?

Another factor in determining whether it’s worth the money to repair a hot water heater is to look at your energy costs. A new hot water heater might pay for itself over time, simply by using less energy. This is especially the case when it comes to solar hot water heaters.

Newly manufactured heaters, whether solar or not, are designed to maximize efficiency. There is also an option to have tankless hot water heaters installed. These make a much smaller footprint and use less energy because they only heat water as it’s used.

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