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Air Conditioner Parts

Jul 02, 2015

The Parts That Make Your Air Conditioner Work

An air conditioner is among the most technically complex pieces of equipment you can install in a home or business. They are tasked with maintaining a constant temperature day in and day out without using too much energy.

An air conditioning unit cools indoor air with the use of refrigerant. They basically use a fan to suck in warm air and run it over coils filled with refrigerant. At the same time, hot air is expelled outside.

Air Conditioner Parts

Coils: Among the most crucial air conditioner parts are the outdoor/condenser and indoor/evaporator coils. On the indoor side, a fan is blowing air over the chilled coils and into your home or business, decreasing the temperature. On the outdoor side, another fan is venting hot air outdoors.

Compressor: The compressor is one of the central components of an air conditioner. It’s pretty much an electric-powered pump that pressurizes refrigerant. A compressor can be one of the more costly air conditioner parts to fix, and also happens to be one of the most misdiagnosed problems.

If you think your compressor could be the reason your air conditioner isn’t working, call Donley Service Center at 602-870-6840. One of our professional technicians can perform a full diagnostic to accurately determine the cause of your issue. Don’t pay for a new compressor if you don’t need one.

Thermostat: Another one of the necessary air conditioner parts is the thermostat. On central air conditioning units, the thermostat is used to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. Setting the right temperature is crucial for maintaining comfort and controlling your energy usage.

Trust The Professionals to Get it Right

While we’ve briefly covered some of the main components, there’s a lot more going on in your air conditioning unit. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult a professional if you think one of your air conditioner parts is bad.

The last thing you want to do is spend time and money trying to fix the wrong problem, or to find the job is a lot more complicated than you thought. At Donley Service Center, we have nearly four decades of experience serving the Phoenix area.

If you need an honest quote and top-notch work, call the experts at Donley today at 602-870-6840. We’ll make sure your issue is diagnosed correctly the first time.