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Why do We Recommend American Standard Air Conditioners?

Jun 17, 2015

Why do We Recommend American Standard Air Conditioners?

There are plenty of top-quality air conditioner brands out there, and we carry a great selection of the best units around. One of the brands we recommend is American Standard.

Before we get too far into why American Standard is one of our favorite brands, it’s important to get a few key facts out of the way. First of all, an air conditioning unit is only going to run at its prime if it is installed and maintained correctly.

The best way to get the optimal performance and lifespan from a new AC is make sure you hire a professional, licensed contractor to perform the install. Once you get that all lined up, picking an American Standard air conditioner is a great choice.

Great Reputation for Performance, Reliability

The American Standard air conditioner has always earned high marks for reliability and performance. The company started in the 1880s, building affordable residential heating units. In the early days, the company built cast-iron radiators. Today, it is one of the leading providers of reliable, efficient air conditioners and heating units.

Our residential customers choose American Standard air conditioning units because they want a system that will run efficiently, but provide top-class cooling power.

Sustainable Comfort

We also recommend American Standard air conditioners because they offer a good combination of comfort and sustainability. We’ll install models like the AccuComfort, which has a SEER rating of up to 21.

A Model to Suit Every Need

At Donley Service Center, we stock models to suit a variety of home and budget sizes. Contact us today if you are considering a new unit.

We’ll take a close look at your home to determine what model of American Standard air conditioner will work best for you. Your ductwork, insulation, windows and the age of your home all play a role in the effectiveness and efficiency of an air conditioner.

Our Comfort Consultants can provide you with an accurate estimate of what size and type of unit will work best for your home. If you need duct work repair or other work done, it’s good to get that taken care of when shopping for a new unit.

We Can Maintain and Repair American Standard

Our technicians at Donley Service Center can maintain and repair all American Standard air conditioner models. Keeping your unit well maintained and regularly changing the air filter will ensure a long and healthy lifespan.

Call Donley Service Center today at 602-870-6840 to find out about our scheduled maintenance program or to learn more about American Standard air conditioning prices.