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Get Fresh, Filtered Water from Your Faucet with Water Filter Systems

Nov 11, 2014

Your home is the one place where you and your family can feel truly safe and secure, and you would do anything to keep it that way. There is one danger that many families do not realize may be lurking in their own homes: high levels of lead and other chemicals in their drinking water. Ground water is often treated by municipal waste water treatment facilities in order to remove harmful contaminants, but harsh chemicals are usually part of the process, leaving you with bad tasting, foul smelling and dangerous water. Water filter systems get rid of the leftover contaminants in your water, returning it to safe drinking levels.

Harmful Elements in Tap Water

Many people drink their water unfiltered right from the tap, but by doing so may be ingesting high levels of harmful elements that could be affecting their health. In many areas, tap water contains high levels of lead, sodium and other chemicals that are known to have negative health consequences. These chemicals can be especially harmful for children, since their systems are delicate and are not built to handle these types of contaminants.

Cleaning up Your Water

When you install a filtration system, you give yourself the ability to clean up the water that your family drinks. Getting rid of the lead in your tap water can lower chances of cancer, anemia and brain damage, while filtering out high levels of sodium can help adults battling high blood pressure or even kidney problems. Some families have to resort to bottled water to ensure that they are drinking the cleanest water possible, but you can have that same level of purity in your own home.

Water filtration systems are sound investments for any family looking to improve the health of its members. You want to encourage healthy habits, and purified water right from the tap can help you do so, as your children are more likely to drink larger quantities of water that tastes good. Call (602) 870-6840 today to speak with an expert at Donley Service Center about water filter systems.