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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair In Phoenix

Jun 04, 2014

A broken HVAC unit is the last thing you want as temperatures start to rise in the desert. For too many homeowners, unfortunately, reaching for the thermostat does little to help cool their space. It is important to recognize the signs that you may be in need of air conditioning repair in Phoenix in order to fix the problem quickly.

Loud Noises

While most systems make a few noises as the air starts to flow through your home, you are probably able to determine which sounds are normal and which are out of the ordinary. Clanging and banging can often mean that screws or belts have come loose. These issues, when dealt with quickly, will prevent larger repairs from being necessary.

The House Is Still Hot

It is pretty obvious that something is wrong with your HVAC if you turn on the system and get nothing in return. If you notice warm air blowing through the vents or no air coming through at all, you should contact a company that provides professional air conditioning repair in Phoenix. Additionally, if you notice some rooms in your home cool differently than others, it could be an issue with your system.

Your Bills Are Too High

Some homeowners notice that utility bills are higher than they should be, which is another symptom that air conditioning repair in Phoenix is needed. The sooner you contact a professional for help, the sooner your home will be a welcome respite from the heat outside. Call (602) 870-6840 today to receive professional air conditioning repair in Phoenix from the expert technicians at Donley Service Center.