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When To Call For AC Repair In Scottsdale

Apr 18, 2014

There is no question that a hot Arizona summer requires air conditioning. Many Scottsdale homeowners rely on their air conditioning to keep their homes cool and comfortable during the hot seasons of the year. When something goes wrong, AC repair in Scottsdale may be necessary to correct the problem and restore cool, refreshing air to the home or business. Here are just a few key signs that an AC unit may be in need of repair.

  1. Your Power Bill is Abnormally High
    While it is normal for your power bill to be a bit higher in the summer, those who notice a substantial increase in their energy use may want to check their air conditioning system for efficiency.
  2. Your Air Conditioning Won't Turn On
    Some homeowners go into panic mode when the air conditioner refuses to come on. If the air conditioner is extremely slow to come on or isn't blowing out cool air once it is on, it may be time to call for AC repair in Scottsdale.
  3. The Air Conditioning Won't Turn Off
    When the AC unit refuses to turn off and seems to be continually running, it may be time to call for help. An air conditioner that won't turn off may indicate a problem with the thermostat.

Having an air conditioner problem can be overwhelming - especially in the middle of summer. However, a good air conditioner repair service can help by fixing the problem, thereby enabling the AC unit to work properly and more efficiently. Call (602) 870-6840 today to schedule an appointment to receive expert AC repair in Scottsdale from the professionals at Donley Service Center.