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A Little Preventative Heating System Maintenance Can Help You To Avoid Big Ticket Repairs

Jan 18, 2013

Heating maintenance isn't something most of us think about too often. This is largely because living in Arizona our heating systems don't come to mind until we need them. As a leading provider of heating services including heater repair and heating system installation for residential and commercial customers since 1976, Donley Service Center reminds you of the importance of proper and routine maintenance. Furthermore, we offer a Home Comfort Program that will keep your central heating and cooling system running its best. Why is maintenance so important? Because it can help you to avoid big ticket repairs and replacements, and allow you to get the most out of your system by keeping it up and running for as long as possible. Our highly-trained and certified technicians offer a variety of HVAC services, and carry them out with an expertise and professionalism that has allowed our business to thrive for nearly four decades. Call today!

We're proud to offer our Home Comfort Program as part of our heating services. Routine heating maintenance can help your system to run more efficiently, saving you money in the process. Here's what you get with our Home Comfort Program:

  • A planned Maintenance Management Program that includes two inspections for year
  • A written 58 point checklist of the services performed by our technicians
  • Spring and Fall visits schedule at times that are convenient for you
  • You will receive priority scheduling when it comes to emergency service
  • 10% discounts on parts and labor if heater repairs are required
  • No overtime paid for service repairs

If you could save on your utility bills, avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your heating unit, wouldn't you? Of course you would, and Donley Service Center can help you to do just that!

Donley Service Center knows that the idea of routine heating maintenance isn't always at the front of your mind. We're happy to remind you of the value of routine maintenance, just as we're happy to offer heating system installation and repairs at affordable pricing. The Donley name is one of the most trusted in the greater Phoenix area, and with good reason. Over the course of our nearly four decades in business we've consistently offered the most diverse array of services, and carried out those services with the utmost in professionalism.

Call Donley Services today for all your HVAC needs. Our number is (602) 870-6840. We look forward to serving you.